Dr. Kristen Snow, AP, DOM

Kristen Snow, Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Fort Myers, FL

Her Story:

Born and raised in northern Illinois, Dr. Kristen Snow possesses strong mid-western values and a deep, abiding loathing of cold winters. It was her desire for the warmth, sun and sand that led her to complete her graduate studies in Florida where she met and later married Dr. Graydon Snow. A brilliant diagnostician and Board Certified Acupuncturist, Dr. Kristen initially became interested in acupuncture when conventional medicine failed to heal a family member of hers. This story is important in a couple of ways: First, it reveals Dr. Kristen’s commitment to family and secondly, her passion for going the extra mile to see that people have access to what will actually create healing for them. It’s these driving forces that make Dr. Kristen the heart of Axis Natural Medicine and its philosophy.

Her Philosophy:

Dr. Kristen believes in living a balanced natural life that includes time for introspection, physical activity, good healthy food and the love of family and friends.

Her Hobbies:

While her favorite activities tend to center around her husband and son, Dr. Kristen also enjoys Pilates, jigsaw puzzles, scrap-booking and reading. A season ticket holder for the Florida Panthers, she is a dedicated fan and true enthusiast. It’s also the only time you will catch her somewhere cold!

Her Hope:

Dr. Kristen’s greatest hope is that she can change her corner of the world by delivering a model of care that puts patients first, emphasizes natural and complementary treatments and trains patients to become active participants in their health. Her prayer is that by emphasizing balance in life as well as in modes of wellness, we can all learn to recognize our strengths and our weaknesses then co-create intentional, flexible plans that create true healing.