Mind-Body Interventions: The Mantra of Good Health

Ancient sages used practices such as Yoga, tai chi and meditation to train their mind and body to self-observe and become more aware of one’s own nature. This was one of the first steps towards achieving ‘Nirvana’ or enlightenment. Once forgotten in the hustle and bustle of modern life, these practices have been gaining popularity in recent times thanks to the increasing awareness about the importance of maintaining mental and physical health.

Much like the way physical health needs to be maintained by inculcating positive health habits such as regular exercise and nutritious diet, mental health needs to be strengthened by maintaining a positive attitude and giving up negative thoughts and beliefs. Ancient eastern practices like Yoga, Tai chi and meditation are one of the best ways to maintain both physical and mental health. These practices are comprehensive “health packages” and help in preserving the balance between mind and body. When practiced correctly these techniques benefit you in numerous ways. Yoga & Tai Chi have been proven to:

  • Relieve mental stress
  • Alleviate physical stress
  • Improve energy levels
  • Increase body strength and tone
  • Enhance concentration and mental focus
  • Increase flexibility
  • Benefit physical health by:
    • Reducing blood pressure
    • Lowering bad cholesterol
    • Improving circulation
    • Promote quality sleep
    • Boosting immunity

These practices are not a passing fitness fad but full body healthy living practices. The benefits of these techniques are time tested and long lasting. Moreover, they have absolutely no side effects and can be practiced in the comforts of your own home without investing in any kind of equipment.


If all of these benefits have not convinced you to start practicing these divine mind-body interventions, here are some more reasons. Researchers reviewed 18 studies and more than 840 people which concluded that mind-body interventions affect molecular reactions in the DNA. In Fact, they reverse the genetic mechanisms that cause depression, anxiety and poor health thus affecting the way our genetic code is expressed. In other words, practicing Yoga, tai chi or meditation negates the adverse effects that stress has on our genes. So, not only do these practices improve our health but they also help us pass on the benefits to the future generations by creating a healthier gene pool. How cool is that!

In this day and age where job related stress and unrealistic societal expectations are the root cause of so many health issues, practices like Yoga prove to be a blessing. The more advances we make as a society, the more it seems like we are overlooking the basics. If we want to get our lives in balance, it is time to embrace the wisdom that has been passed down for generations and start working towards a healthy mind and body.