Acupoint Injection Therapy

Acupoint injection therapy (APIT) is the injection of homeopathics, vitamins, or herbs into acupuncture points. These points are carefully selected to provide maximum benefit to your body. We often use acupoint injections to increase the benefit of a treatment. Dr. Snow also uses APIT to treat conditions that have not responded well to treatments such as surgery, cortisone and nerve blocks. Although typically used with acupuncture, occasionally injections may be done by themselves to treat pain, injury or acute illness.

Dr. Snow will personally select the best remedy for you. Benefits you may receive include: the reduction of pain & swelling, an increase in energy, a boost in you immune system, and even improvement in sleep. Generally injections are not painful however some areas may be a little tender. The substance that is being injected also plays a part in the level of comfort which is why we usually use homeopathic injections or vitamin b12. Our patients who get injections in tender areas continue to come for treatment because they see great results without side effects. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has recognized acupoint injection therapy as an effective therapy for pain.

Remedies Axis Natural Medicine uses include:

Axis Natural Medicine in Fort Myers uses acupoint injection therapy to treat pain, insomnia, swelling, neuralgia, fatigue and more.
Axis Natural Medicine in Fort Myers uses acupoint injection therapy to treat pain, insomnia, swelling, neuralgia, fatigue and more.
Arnica (Hevert):
  • reduces muscle pain, stiffness, bruising & swelling caused by trauma or overuse.
Calmvalera (Hevert):
  • resolves restlessness, sleep disorders, mental exhaustion and can benefit the emotions.
Engystol (Heel):
  • stimulates the immune system thereby reducing recovery time from the flu, respiratory infections, cold sores and more.
Gelsemium (Hevert)
  • reduces painful nerve conditions, such as neuralgia or sciatic nerve pain.
Vitamin B12:
  • reduces fatigue and memory loss; treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Epstein Barr; helps reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke; benefits people with certain types of anemia.
  • manages muscular or neuropathic pain.

Not everyone who performs acupuncture is able to utilize this special technique because additional classes and a special certificate is required. Furthermore, any qualified physician must have the certificate documented on their state license before using acupoint injection therapy. Before getting an injection from anyone, please verify they are certified by looking up their license. If in doubt, keep looking!

If you think acupoint injection therapy may help you, call us. Schedule a no obligation, free consultation with Dr. Snow to learn more and have him personally answer any questions you have. You have the power to stop letting pain or fatigue control your life. Come in and let us help you fell well again!